Smart technology that listens to you

Thanks to our own patented technology, once for all, free yourself from the constraints of the pages and experience the flow and the feeling of the music without any pages to turn. Because of this, you will never need any ``turning device``.


Feel the freedom of music

The most advanced research and technological development combined with the beauty of music are our main sources of inspiration in the design of our applications. A strong and elegant style of technology, based on a solved movement, allowing what it really matters: the freedom of the musician.


Focus on what really matters

Freedom is what allows musicians to develop all of their creative potential and undergo an unparalleled experience. Blackbinder allows you the opportunity to achieve this freedom in a natural, simple and intuitive manner. Perform music in the purest way possible!




Do you want start experiencing the freedom of music? .

Blackbinder: the sublime musical experience.





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